All In One Drill For Training Gundogs Video


All In One Drill For Gundogs

All in one drill for training gundogs:

Rick Flippen and his British Lab Chief perform basic gun dog training. This All In One Drill for training gundogs focuses on Operant training techniques using positive reinforcement.

This ties the obedience drills for HEEL, SIT and HERE into one drill. Join Rick as he sets up along a fence row at Chattokee Lodge in Northeast Alabama to practice this drill every dog owner show practice with their gundog or pet.

Follow along as Rick and Chief teach an entire series on gundog training using Operant training methods with positive reinforcement. From time to time Rick also works with a 14 week old puppy, Jack. These lessons for gundogs work well on all dogs. Ricks has promoted Operant training techniques for many years. He has worked with Robert Milner of Dunk Hill Kennels, and Robin Watson of Tibea Gundogs in the UK.

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