Archery and Bowhunting Equipment – Video


Archery and Bowhunting Equipment by Dr. Warren StricklandArchery and Bowhunting Equipment by Dr. Warren Strickland

Dr. Warren Strickland reviews the essential types of archery and bowhunting equipment he uses in his setup. Dr. Strickland teaches you how to select the perfect bow and bowhunting equipment.

Dr. Warren Strickland is one of North America’s most famous hunters. Warren has harvested every major game animal in North America with a bow other than the Coues Deer. Warren has worked with Global Outfitters the past few years to help develop instructional videos to share his experience of the bow. In this video he shares years of experience that has culminated  in what he calls the ultimate equipment setup he uses.

He uses a site with three fixed fiber optic pins — set at 25, 35 and 45 yards. The Spot Hawk he uses has an additional feature that lets him use a wheel to set the top pin, allowing him to shoot dead out to 50 and 60 yards with the calibration point on the wheel.

The other equipment he reveals is his range finder; using it in all practice and hunting situations. The range finder enables him to never need to setup marked yardages for practice.

Stay tuned for more video from Dr. Strickland. In addition, you can find Dr. Warren Strickland on Bass Pro Shops 1 Source and Strickland Outdoors.

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