Beware the Grim Reaper


Beware the Grim ReaperBeware the Grim Reaper by Bob Humphrey

As a new products specialist I get to test out a lot of new stuff in the field, where it really matters. Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with Global Outfitters fans some of the stuff I’ve had a chance to use out in the woods this fall. This week we’ll look at broadheads.

Joining me on a recent Ohio crossbow hunt was Jay Liechty, founder and inventor of Grim Reaper broadheads. He brought along some of his new Grim Reaper X-Bow RazorCut SS broadheads for us to try out.

As a compound shooter, I’ve long been a fan and user of Grim Reaper’s RazorCut heads for their many innovative features. In fact, I used them earlier this fall on an Illinois compound bow hunt, and witnessed their “Watch ’em Drop” slogan first hand.

The X-Bow RazorCut SS retains all the same features of the original RazorCut. Its Trocar tip extends a full 5/8 inch beyond the mechanical blades so it makes contact and begins puncturing before the blades make contact, reducing the chances of deflection. Blades are held by a retention spring that holds them in place – without need for a rubber band – to prevent them from opening upon release. It also acts as a shock absorber, further reducing chances of deflection.

The patented Trocrazor tip contains three tiny razors – aligned with the blades – that begin cutting before the blades make contact, thus reducing the amount of energy required to open the blades, so more energy is used propelling the open blades through the animal. The new solid steel tip gives better alignment and flight than other cut-on-contact heads.

The new X-Bow head features a stronger spring to assure the blades remain closed, even when shot at speeds up to 450fps. It is available in 100 and 125-grain weights and comes packaged with a practice head of the same weight. Toll-free: 877-GRIM-REAPER (877-474-6732) 91 East 780 South #3 Provo, Utah 84606 USA


Grim Reaper RazorCut broadhead

I took this fine buck on the last evening of my Illinois hunt with a Grim Reaper RazorCut broadhead.
Grim Reaper's Jay Liechty with a fine Ohio buck
Grim Reaper’s Jay Liechty with a fine Ohio buck.ArrowTrade's Tim Dehn with his Ohio whitetail
ArrowTrade’s Tim Dehn with his Ohio whitetail.

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