Bowhunting Practice On 3D Targets


Bowhunting Practice - Importance of 3D TargetsBowhunting Practice On 3D Targets: Target Dots Versus Spots on a 3D Targets. The Importance of 3D targets from Dr. Warren Strickland

In the earlier segment about archery practice Dr. Strickland covered the importance of not over shooting which causes muscle fatigue. In this follow-on video he discusses bowhunting practice on 3D targets versus shooting dots on targets.

Another common mistake he sees in bowhunters is putting up a target and shooting at a spots/dots over and over. This can cause some bad habits. The most important point in obtaining a kill shot on an animal is the ability to pick out a spot, concentrate on that spot and releasing the arrow. Shooting at dots on a target takes away that ability of picking out a little spot on the animal, like a little area of hair, and putting that arrow the spot.

So, a month or two before the season take the targets away and put up a 3D animal target, and start concentrating on hitting that spot on the animal without actually having a dot to shoot at.

Avoid Using Target Spots
Using Target Spots can Hinder your Shooting Accuracy
Use 3D Targets
Practice on Invisible Targets

In another video Dr. Strickland discusses the equipment he considers the ultimate bowhunting setup.

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