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 Chris Stack, Owner of BruzerGear with a great Nevada Mountain GoatNo Bumps or Bruises from This Pack System!

Photo: Chris Stack, Owner of BruzerGear with a great Nevada Mountain Goat!

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

As an outdoor writer, photographer and columnist I am afforded opportunities to play with a decent amount of hunting and outdoor equipment. Within the scope of product reviews, although still a lesser percentage, a significant amount of my focus is on new products; I just love tinkerin’! Both the ATA Show and SHOT Show boasted an immeasurable amount of awesome products, many of which I’ll be reviewing throughout the year. That said, one of my favorite products, the Bruzer Gear Day Pack wasn’t showcased at either show but definitely deserved some time in the spotlight!

The BruzerGear Day Pack with optional Bow Holder not only held up incredibly well, it played a dual role! Not only was it a product under review, it carried all the other gadgets I needed to take with me for review! As much as I have to carry as a hunting and shooting industry professional, especially on the heels of ATA Show and SHOT Show, the BruzerGear Day Pack couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

What I expected to find was just another low grade hunting pack, the type one might find on the clearance shelf of some dimly lit retail store. What I found inside was anything but that! This pack was much heavier than anything I have used in the past. Let me clarify, I do not mean heavier in terms of more than I would like to carry to the contrary, I mean heavier in regards to the weight of premium quality materials I was excited to carry!

It’s worth noting, before we get into the “nuts and bolts” of this pack system, that all BruzerGear Packs with the exception of the upcoming Waterfowl Pack are dressed in BruzerGear’s proprietary Graywolf Concealment Camouflage the new Waterfowl Pack will be available in M2D Camouflage, another incredibly effective pattern. Also, all zipper tabs are covered by rubber non-slip grips allowing for easy zipper manipulation when wearing gloves – someone was really thinking!

Now the nuts and bolts:

The shell of BruzerGear’s Day Pack is constructed of a heavy duty buck suede and saddlecloth mix. Stack explained the reasoning behind his choice of shell materials, “I really felt as though this was the most durable, softest and quietest material available. The durability of the buck suede and saddlecloth, along with the shell’s internal lining and reinforced stitching also create a waterproof system in terms of on-shore weather – no floating or submersion please! This combination really protects your gear and keeps it dry during the roughest of weather conditions, short of extreme acts of God! It also does a great job of repelling those annoying thorns and burs.”

A heavily padded waist strap and backpack shoulder straps with various clips and buckles also adorn this amazing pack system. BruzerGear seems to have thought of everything!

The Day Pack includes two main pockets. The largest main pocket includes a large netted interior pocket for gear and another pocket on the back wall for a hydration bladder. This main pocket is also perfect for carrying your binoculars, rangefinder, camera, field dressing kit and countless other accessories.

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

The second main pocket consists of a wide array of webbed expanding loops and pockets for carrying all manner of hunting equipment. This main pocket even includes a zippered window pocket, perfect for carrying your hunting license. Also, Using the exterior straps makes the daypack a perfect organizing tool for treestand hunting!

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack InnovationLike the interior, the exterior is also chock-full of functionality a deep pocket and bungee system holds a variety of materials while webbed straps with more clips and buckles run down the back shell this is where I attach my BruzerGear accessories like the much needed Bow Holder.

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

The BruzerGear Bow Holder boasts a deep pocket to house the lower end of your riser and cam. Upper and lower buckled straps are used to secure the lower half of your bow to the system while a buckled strap on the exterior shell of the main pack is used to secure the upper portion of your bow it’s worth noting that instead of a bow, a rifle could certainly be secured in this system. The Bow Holder has a main pocket capable of holding a substantial amount of hunting products without compromising the ability to carry your bow. The face of the main pocket is covered by a weather proofing flap around the perimeter of the pocket, hiding access to the pocket via the recessed zipper – another great weatherproofing idea! Looped web strapping also runs down the outer shell of the Bow Holder. In the closed position, the Bow Holder creates yet another great pocket for carrying a variety of products such as a lightweight coat or even an extra quiver, you decide.

Stack and the rest of the BruzerGear family really dedicated a significant amount of time and other resources into the development of their pack systems and that hard work shows best in the unmatched quality and innovation of BruzerGear’s pack systems. Without a doubt, my BruzerGear Day Pack is the best pack system I’ve ever carried into the woods!

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

BruzerGear is a proud sponsor of Break-N-Dawn Outdoor’s Antler Addiction and is nearing completion of its Antler Addiction Pack Series. Antler Addiction airs on the Pursuit Channel and is available on both Dish Network and Direct TV check your listings for dates and show times.

If you think the pack is great, just wait. BruzerGear is nearly ready to launch sales of the new Waterfowl Pack!

Breaking BruzerGear news! (Now that I’m a huge fan) – BruzerGear’s professional grade camera bag, also in Graywolf Concealment Camouflage, is now available! This camera bag is packed (no pun intended) with innovation and function, true to the mission of BruzerGear. The camera bag, according to Stack, also packs the same level of quality, protection from the elements and customer satisfaction that truly appear to be the

hallmarks of BruzerGear’s business. Stay tuned for a review in the near future sure to satisfy the hunger of hunting’s most demanding photo and video professionals and enthusiasts!

Bruzergear – Dominating Backpack Innovation

Check out BruzerGear’s top quality, innovative products at BruzerGear’s pack systems and camera bag include a lifetime warranty on workmanship. If you are interested in a new product not released to BruzerGear’s store it may still be available. E-mail Chris Stack at with questions or inquiries.

Do you have a product you would like tested or reviewed? Contact me at or visit my neck of the woods at Follow my blog at!

Hunt hard, hunt often.

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