Chufa on Wild Turkey Habitat – Video


Chufa for Wild Turkey Habitats

The start in a series on Chufa on Wild Turkey Habitat

Every serious turkey hunter should know the affect of chufa on wild turkey habitat. Some call it turkey gold and some turkey candy. All I know is turkeys will hike miles through clover and corn to reach a chufa plot. If you are trying to create turkey habitat that holds birds on your property you need to invest in chafa every year.

Also known as chufa sedge, nut grass, yellow nutsedge, tiger nut sedge, or earth almonds. Each plant will produce  15 – 75 chufa nuts. Plant your chufa in April and May.

Visit the NWTF website to learn more about how to purchase and plant your chufa. Calculate your plot size and figure for 50 pounds per acre if broadcasting the seed by hand, or 35 pounds per acre if using a drill. You can grow chufa wherever you can grow corn, but it loves flat sandy soil.

We have a few more videos coming to show you how to plant your chufa.

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