Cut Like This Hen Turkey on a Slat Pot and Mouth Call


Cutting Of A Real Hen Turkey On A Slate Pot and Mouth CallHen Talk – Cut Like This Hen Turkey on a Slat Pot and Mouth Call:

Improve on your turkey hunting skills by learning to cut like the real hen turkey in this video. Jim Martin shows you how to emulate the cutting hen turkey with a slate surfaced pot call, and then on a mouth call. He also explains the best times to use the cutting call of a hen turkey to enhance you chances of getting that gobbler to respond and come in.

The cut is a very aggressive call and effective in the woods when used properly. Jim’s favorite times to use the cut is when locating a gobbler, prospecting or in competition with other hens. His favorite way is using the cut to “fire up” a gobbler.

Before Jim takes us to the woods to observe the real hen, he demonstrates on a pot call with a slate surface. You can get more details about how to make a cut of a turkey on a pot call in another video on Bass Pro Shops 1 Source where he goes into greater detail on the technique and rhythm of the cut on a slate.

We then go into the field where we caught a hen turkey cutting on tape. You can use this segment of video to practice the sounds the hen makes.

Back to the lesson Jim show you how to make the same cutting sounds on a mouth call. Like most competition caller Jim sucks in when using is mouth call. Here are a few videos where Jim demonstrated how to use mouth calls made by Bradley Custom Calls:

1. Bradley Custom Calls Review

In review, use a cut call when nothing else is working for locating. Also, try a cut when you gave established communications with a gobbler and he is hung up not wanting to come in. In some cases this is all you need to fire him up and bring him into range.

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