Different Types of Deer Urine – Estrus & Buck Glands – Video


Deer Scents - Different types of Deer UrineI recently ask Elam Lapp to explain the different types of whitetail urine use by deer hunters. Elam and his brother Ivan manage a urine collection facility voted number one by industry peers. In addition to supplying numerous lure suppliers, they have established two new Whitetail Bladder products of bulk lure for deer hunters.

Per Elam, “there are different types of deer urine used as scents to attract deer. They are used at different times for different reasons. We developed the Whitetail Bladder product line around solid research.

Early season scrape Line:

It is exactly what it says, used in early season to start new scrapes and freshen existing ones. From years of research and development, Whitetail Bladder made their own special Early Season Scrape Line scent consisting of pre-orbital buck glands and the perfect blend of other scents to open scrapes and attract bucks to cameras and your stand in early season. Also helps to mask your scent and keep deer calm.


Is our Premium Estrus urine. It is collected using a unique process called CIDR’s (Cervical Implant Drug Release). It is the same process cattle and sheep farms use to bring their animals in heat to Artificial Inseminate them. Instead of Artificial inseminating our Does we then collect the Pure Estrous urine from them.

This process also allows us to collect Estrus urine in October so we can have it at your door step before November 1st and have it collected the same season!”

You can learn more about Early Season Scrape Line and Single’estrus.


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