Field Test Browning Silver


Field Test - Browning SilverField Test Browning Silver by J. Wayne Fears

The sneak preview of new turkey guns is always an exciting time at my office.

This past spring gobbler season I had the privilege of joining well known turkey hunter Preston Pittman for a hunt at Circle M Plantation near Macon, Mississippi. Circle M Plantation, known for its outstanding southern hospitality and spring gobbler hunting, Circle M Plantation turned out to be an ideal proving ground for the new gas-operated autoloading Browning Silver 12 gauge I had received for this special hunt. The Browning Silver I used was lightweight to carry, patterned great and I found it to be one of the most comfortable “reduced recoil” shotguns I have shot.

For 2013 a special limited edition of 1000 NWTF Browning Silver 12 gauge shotguns have been selected as the banquet shotgun of the year for the National Wild Turkey Federation. This NWTF limited edition Browning Silver features an Active Valve System that softens recoil and, as I discovered on my Mississippi hunt, makes it one of the easiest-shooting turkey guns available. The semi-humpback alloy receiver of this beautiful shotgun has a silver finish embellished with the NWTF 40th anniversary logo with select gold detailing. The stock and fore-end are satin finished walnut. It features a vent rib barrel and recoil pad. This is one good looking shotgun.


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