Foundation Training For Gundogs Using Operant Conditioning – Video


Foundation Lessons For 14 Week Old Gunddogs Using Operant Training Beginning Foundation Training For Gundogs Using Operant Conditioning with a 14 Week Old Lab

Foundation lessons for gundog training is the subject for a series of videos from GO Outdoor University. Rick Flippen starts foundation training with Jack, a 14 week old Labrador Retriever. Rick’s Operant Conditioning techniques are similar to those used at Sea World.

This drill incorporates a place board, body language and a clicker to mark the desired behavior. The total objective is to build focus with this drill, rewarding focus with positive reinforcement of a treat. It is a simple drill but very important when developing the foundation training that leads to a good pet or gundog.

Foundation Training Check List:
Training Style: Operant Training with Positive Reinforcement

1. Place Board
2. Clicker
3. Treats

Desired Behavior to build:

1. Patients
2. Calmness
3 Steadiness
4. Focus

This is the first in a series of lessons with Rick and his young student Jack. The next lesson will focus on adding distractions. Rick has many lessons scheduled with his dog Chief as well.

Many of the GO Gundog lessons were filmed at Chattokee Lodge in North East Alabama, hosted by lodge owner, Harlan Starr. Learn more about Chattokee Lodge at

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