Special Report: The Four Critical Handgun Strategies…


Special Report The Four (4) Critical Handgun StrategiesSpecial Report: The Four Critical Handgun Strategies…

The Four (4) Critical Firearm Strategies to Empower Yourself,


Become Confident, and Extremely Proficient with a Handgun. Unless you are brought up around firearms as a youngster, they can be pretty intimidating for most people. I’ve been spending time recently figuring out the reasons why people are fearful of guns in pursuit of helping them become more empowered.

There are a million reasons people are fearful of firearms….the loud bang, the recoil, the fact that they can be lethal, the ignorance of how they operate, and of course, friends, family, and the media portraying firearms as the evil doer in heinous crimes. So how can you or your loved ones become more comfortable around firearms and eventually become very competent and proficient with a handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun?

Follow these four (4) strategies and you will be on your way to empowering yourself with a firearm in your house and/or on your person.

Critical Firearm Empowerment Strategy 1

-Become Passionate and Obsessive about Gun Safety- There are several variations of the same fundamentals in firearm safety. As my good friend and expert firearms trainer Mike Hughes says, you move from the firearm handle and “walk” your way to the muzzle and beyond.

1) Always assume the firearm is loaded. Always!

2) Never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire and destroy something.

3) Never point the end of the firearm (the muzzle…or business end) at something unless you are willing to destroy the target.

4) Know what is behind your target before you pull the trigger. Odds are you will miss or the bullet will go through the target and hit something behind.

If you always follow these four fundamentals, you won’t have a reason to worry. Most handgun accidents occur when we get too relaxed with these four from time-to-time or aren’t aware of these principles. So when you train with any gun, be sure to practice these 4 principles as well, even if you use a high quality training tool (simulated gun.)

Critical Firearm Empowerment Strategy 2

-Understand the Components of Your Gun- I’ll be one of the first to admit, I don’t like cleaning a gun. Shooting one, training with a firearm, and talking about them are great. Cleaning…eh…not so much. I do feel great when my firearm is clean and ready to go, but the act of cleaning feels like a chore to me. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s my personal challenge.

One thing I have learned about cleaning firearms is that I become more and more comfortable and understand the firearm much better during the process. I get a better understanding of how the firearm works and how the parts interact with each other. I can understand how a mistake could take place far better too.

If people would get to know their tool better they would become more comfortable with any firearm. The lesson here is become the expert of your own firearms. Have your family understand how your firearms operate as well (age appropriate of course.)

Critical Firearm Empowerment Strategy 3

-Train on the Physical Mechanics of Using Your Gun (Larger Motor Skills)- Now that you understand the safety fundamentals as well as how your firearms components work together, it’s time to learn and perfect the mechanics of using your firearms.

I suggest thinking of shooting as a sport. We should all train our shooting skills like athletes train on the mechanics of their sport. Baseball pitchers work on throwing a baseball effectively and efficiently. Hitters work on refining their swing to hit a baseball consistently with power.

Being a successful baseball player requires working on your stance, consistency, timing, power, and control.

Being a competent or proficient shooter is no different. The biggest difference is you or your family’s lives could depend on your training techniques, competency, and habits.

But most of us don’t work often with the mechanics of shooting or self defense. We don’t spend enough time week-in and week-out on the physical mechanics of the proper grip, stance, concealment, and drawing the firearm to prepare to fire. Why don’t we train the “mechanics” of shooting more often?

-Most of us don’t have the tools and drills to do it

-It’s very expensive to live-fire with ammo consistently

-There’s not an easy and effective way to train inside your home

-We are afraid of making a mistake or getting injured

-We generally don’t get immediate feedback for correction if our draw and fire is inaccurate

-We don’t feel comfortable using a real firearm practicing the larger shooting mechanics

There are a lot more reasons we don’t train. Bottom line is we all need to train more. A lot more!

It’s been said that to change a physical bad habit or develop a new habit you need to repeat that “correct” movement 1,000 to 10,000 times to engrain the new proficient movement. Repeating that improved movement thousands of times every month is necessary to retain that skill.

So, how many times have you practiced your handgun draw in the last 30 days? 1,000? 5,000? 50? None?

How about the last six months? If you are like most people the answer is…not many.

Critical Firearm Empowerment Strategy 4

-Refining Shooting Skills/Training (Smaller Motor Skills)- Like Strategy 3, you need to train to refine your fine motor skills. These fine motor skills are sight alignment and trigger pull/control. There are other shooting skills like tactical shooting strategies and self defense, but we will address those in another special report.

Sight alignment is the primary step towards being able to hit your target. Most people should work their way from a one-eye view through the gun’s sights to a two-eyes open approach. Most of us don’t use the one-eye approach in practical self-defense shooting. To get better with the two-eye approach it takes a lot of practice and receiving immediate success/failure feedback. The best feedback for accuracy is live-fire training and shooting.

Live-fire training and shooting is very expensive. We all know the cost of ammo has gone up a ton. One of the most popular handgun rounds, the 9mm, is priced anywhere from 25 cents per round to about a dollar per round. So, if you train with live-fire every month and have a goal to get in 1,000 repetitions monthly to get better with your draw, firearm manipulation, and trigger pull/control, that can run you $250 to $1,000.

It’s no wonder people don’t train as often as they should. Who has an extra $250 to $1,000 burning a hole in their pocket every month? Besides, it’s flat out very hard to find ammo these days.

So, Bill, what’s the answer to more convenient firearms training and not breaking the

bank buying thousands of rounds of ammo?There is no silver bullet for hard work and training (yes, the pun was intended), but I do have the next-best thing to a silver bullet to train at home, not spending thousands of dollars on ammo, and helping you and your family feel very competent and safe handling a handgun.

My friend and shooting Grand Master Mike Hughes has shown me his amazing handgun training tool.

I approached Mike recently because I was getting frustrated with the inconsistency of my shot accuracy. You see, I am right-handed and all of my shots seemed to go just left all the time. I could try and aim a little right to compensate, but I intuitively knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. I thought maybe I wasn’t right eye dominant like I thought…but that was wrong too. My problem wasn’t a sight picture/alignment problem.

Mike helped me figure out that my bad habit was a simple fix.

My trigger control wasn’t right. As I was pulling the trigger, my hand was manipulating the gun at the same time.

In comes Mike’s SIRT Laser Trainer to the rescue to help me fix my problem for good!

Live-fire training is great. But I wanted to fix my accuracy problem fast, get better at my drawing/reloading skills, and I wanted my wife and kids to learn and practice in a very safe environment and not break the bank shooting through my ammo supply.

Thanks to Mike’s SIRT (Shot Indicating and Resetting Trigger) Laser Training Pistol I can accomplish all of my goals in a very cost effective and fun way.

You see, this amazing training pistol has the exact dimensions of one of the most popular handguns ever made, the Glock 17/22 pistol. The Pro model is essentially the same weight as the Glock. Mike’s team has even worked on getting the SIRT trainer well-balanced similar to an actual pistol.

How does the SIRT really help me?

Mike created a laser system on his pistol to show me immediately what was happening with the muzzle of the firearm as I was pulling the trigger (red laser.)

A green laser light comes on to show me where the shot would eventually end up and stays on if I keep the trigger pulled all the way back. If the green light is a solid dot, BAM, great trigger pull. If the green light looks like dashes then I have a movement/trigger pull issue. With this great feedback, I could immediately see that my hand and trigger pull were the cause of my accuracy problems. My job now? Get in a TON of repetition and practice so my hands will work together to produce a consistent shot. The SIRT Laser Trainer will give me the immediate feedback I need to make the proper adjustments.

This patented laser technology is the best I’ve seen when it comes to immediate feedback. With a live-fire round all you see is a hole in the target. You can’t really tell what happened before that point and immediately after. The SIRT Laser Trainer tells the whole story in real-time. Amazing technology!

The other wonderful benefit to Mike’s SIRT Trainer is that I can use it in a holster and practice my draw, grip, as well as taking a shot right in the comfort of my home. I can use the weighted magazine(s) to help practice loading and reloading the pistol as well. I can accomplish this in a perfectly safe environment.

Heck, I can even practice home security techniques with my wife and family with this great tool!

Hunters…this is a great trigger control tool for your rifles too. It can be the difference between bringing home that trophy buck…or just bringing home stories to tell!

SIRT PRO: The SIRT Laser Pistol comes in three (3) versions. The SIRT Pro has dual lasers (red and green lasers) and a metal slide (non-racking.) This model is the most similar in weight to the actual live-fire pistol. This model is my personal choice. The green laser that shows the actual shot shows up better in the outdoors or bright areas. The two laser colors is a real benefit to see what is going on pre-shot, shot accuracy, and post-shot. Be aware, you will attract attention using your SIRT at the range. I recently had the best shot groupings in my life after about a week of using the SIRT Pro before going to the range. The range marshalls came over to watch and asked about the SIRT. Before I knew it, these guys were snapping off practice shots with the SIRT Pro like crazy. They became true believers immediately.

Our group of shooters probably got in about 300 to 400 practice shots at the range before we shot live ammunition. I estimate we saved about $75 to $150 in ammo that day. This is a great outdoor training option with the full weight, etc.

SIRT PERFORMER RG: also has the two color laser indicators. The biggest difference between the Pro and Performer is the weight. This model has a polymer slide instead of the metal and is a lot lighter. The green laser is better for both indoor and outdoor training.

The SIRT PERFORMER RR: has the dual red laser technology. This is a great indoor/lower light training pistol since the green shot indicator works a little better in the outdoors or brighter areas than just the red. Of course, the green works well indoors too. This is a good for the budget minded handgun owner. It is also top-notch quality and will last.

The SIRT Trainer Doesn’t Have any Recoil. How Do I Get Better at Managing Recoil?There are some gun gurus who adamantly preach live-fire training is the only and best gun training, period! There are others who like to work on each discipline of shooting (draw, grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control) separately and then integrate them together with live-fire training and recoil management.

I can tell you firsthand as a former athlete and instructor, it is a great idea to break down the components, or principles, of your activity separately to find your weaknesses and improve those separate skills. You also need to work on the complete activity function as well. Training strategies to shoot a firearm more proficiently is no different than training to pitch a baseball. The activities are different, but breaking down the movements in smaller pieces and getting better at each will produce a better end result more consistently.

I asked Mike Hughes, the inventor of the SIRT Laser Pistol, about recoil management training. Here is what he had to say about dry-fire and recoil management:

“Where is the recoil?”“Common question many shooters have is where is the recoil to make the dry firing more “real.” The truth is shooters have been getting better for centuries by dry firing even though there’s no recoil. Recoil is an energy stimulus on the body and we immediately want to react to that stimulus with a push. This push is the all problematic flinch which incurs with too much live firing. Even top shooters such as world champion Bob Vogel has to go back to a lot of dry fire after heavy live fire sessions to ensure he is not incurring a flinch. When you shoot live, you don’t contract more muscles or fewer muscles. You keep your muscles pretty much isotactic, fairly consistently contracted to bring the muzzle down to a consistent location. The more dumb muscle and meat you have around the gun generally speaking, the better. But we don’t want this to be reactive to the boom. Heavy regimen of dry fire training trains us to be somewhat apathetic to the boom so we do not incur a flinch. Therefore, do as our great forefather shooters did, dry fire, work on your grip and all your fundamentals, and bring those fundamentals to the range and don’t let the boom adversely affect you.”

“What about the energy of recoil?”

(Do I need a reciprocating slide?)Recoil is really about absorbing the energy. The energy is fairly tremendous with an accelerating object like a bullet. It comes to basic physics of force equals mass times acceleration. Although the bullet is fairly light (low mass) it accelerates at a very high level with the expanding gas (acceleration is high) creating an immense amount of force upon the body. This handling of this force can only be trained with live fire. It does not matter if the slide moves back and forth as much as that energy on the body tends to rock the entire body back.That is why having a low stance is best practices to manage recoil to not get rocked back. So the philosophy is to train our specific skill sets in the best environment to improve them. We can ONLY train recoil management with live-fire**. So use dry-fire for the purpose it is intended. A lot of manipulation of the gun, trigger control, and building in muscle memory rep and contracting big, dumb muscles around the gun and not contract more muscles or less muscles every time we pull the trigger.– Mike Hughes

Grand Master Shooter

Top Shot Season 3

Next Level Training CEO and Founder

[** Unless of course you have some kind of a heavy bean bag you shoot at in your home which accelerates slower but has greater mass but generally this is not technologically feasible and cost-effective training. Besides we have to shoot live fire. Let’s just get our recoil management when we’re on the range.]

So, there is Mike’s take on dry-fire vs. recoil management. I tend to agree with Mike. You need to work on each principle, each discipline, to get better. Besides, dry-fire training sure is a lot more economical than live-fire training all the time.

Who Needs a SIRT Trainer?

The answer is easy really. The SIRT Laser training pistol is for anyone who wants to improve their Critical Firearm Empowerment Strategies 1, 3, and 4.

-If you want to get more comfortable with your handgun, this is for you

-If you want to improve your firearm handling skills, you are a great candidate for this training device

-If you struggle with being consistent with your shooting accuracy, this is for you

-If you want to save a ton of money on ammunition, you need this training tool.

SIRT Benefits…

Here are some of the top benefits for owning and training regularly with a SIRT Trainer…

-Refine your big-muscle shooting skills (Grip, stance, draw, etc.)

-Perfect your small shooting skills (site alignment, trigger control)

-Teach you family about firearm safety

-Help eliminate some of the fears of gun ownership and handling

-Work on self-defense tactics and strategies in a safe environment

-A great trigger control tool for other shooters like rifles and shotguns!

-…and did I mention the ammo cost savings?

Don’t Purchase a SIRT Trainer if…

Considering firearm trainers, instructors, military personnel, and law enforcement officers use the SIRT Trainer, it’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t benefit from owning this great tool. If you feel content with your skills and don’t want to improve on your craft, you may not want to purchase one. If you can work live-fire every day without a worry about ammo prices and availability, I guess you are ok.

All kidding aside, I rarely find a product that appeals to such a wide variety of people and I can get excited about. Mike’s SIRT Laser Training Pistol is an exciting product for all types of gun owners. Besides, it’s fun to use. These SIRT Trainers are extremely well engineered and built. They aren’t cheap. If you are looking for a cheap training tool fix, this isn’t the one for you. If you want a tool that will last a long time and pay itself off in a month or two with regular training, you need to consider the SIRT.

Don’t take my word for it; here is what a recent Law Enforcement SIRT owner said about the SIRT Trainer…

“After having used training/dummy rounds for years, I’ve found that the SIRT guns are a thousand times more effective in helping the shooter recognize trigger control. No matter how many times you try to tell a new shooter not to look at the target (when teaching sights & trigger) it’s hard for them to follow that, which is why they don’t seem to get it with dummy rounds. Therefore, when they see the lights from the SIRT on the target jumping around, it’s easier for them to see how their trigger control needs to be corrected. In all of my cases when an officer has had trouble qualifying, one session with the SIRT has proven to be the remedy.When teaching combat shooting and point shooting, the SIRT is great when I turn off the red light and have them go to work. In no time their hand/eye coordination gets to the point where point shooting becomes second nature.This is one of the best tools I’ve come across in years and I highly recommend it as a training tool for military, law enforcement, and sport shooting.”– Steven Padin

Firearms Instructor

Buffalo, NY Police Dept.

How To Choose the Correct SIRT Model for You!I’ll keep this simple. If you are looking for a training device matching the weight (about 1.8 pounds w/weighted magazine) and feel of a pistol and want all the benefits of training your sight alignment, trigger control, and simulated shot placement, and indoor and outdoor training, the SIRT Pro is for you. The folks at Next Level Training and Mike Hughes have created two slide colors (a nice safety feature.) You can get the SIRT Pro in a red or purple slide.

The SIRT Performer R/G is just like the Pro but with a polymer slide. This model weighs less than the Pro (about 1.3 pounds w/weighted magazine, but has the same benefits with the dual color lasers. If you have a lighter pistol closer to the 1.3 pounds loaded, then this is a great option for you. The slide color options are red, purple, pink, or zombie green. You will save some money with this version, but you won’t get the benefits of training with the weight of an actual full weighted handgun.

If you are little more budget minded, have a light pistol, and do your training primarily indoors or low-light environments, the SIRT Performer R/R is a great option. This model has the red/red dual laser system, a polymer slide, and several colors. The slide color options for the SIRT Performer R/R are red, purple, pink, or zombie green.

Bill, this Sounds Great….How Much Will A SIRT Set Me Back?Dollar-for-dollar, I found the SIRT Laser Pistol to be the best value and functionality of all the comparable products I have seen so far. To compare the SIRT with other options, there are several laser cartridges on the market for a little less than $100, but you would need to buy their electronic targets too for the full experience. You also need to manipulate your slide or hammer on your “real” gun to be able to practice your next shot. One SIRT competitor boasts a plastic shaped gun with a trigger, but this product seems like a toy compared to the SIRT. That competitor’s kit runs for about $300 and doesn’t do what the SIRT can do with great shot feedback, weight similarity, and magazine loading practice.

When you factor in the high volume of training you can get in and the savings of thousands of dollars in ammo costs and range fees, the SIRT is a tremendous value. A SIRT can pay itself off in less than a month in just ammo prices alone!

The SIRT Pro version MSRP is $439. But Global Outfitters has secured a great price with Mike and his company, Next Level Training. The Global Outfitter’s price for the SIRT Pro is only $379 with FREE United States shipping (price good through summer 2014.)

Buy a SIRT ProThe SIRT Performer R/G MSRP is $339. Your Global Outfitters SIRT Performer R/G price is only $289 with FREE United States shipping (price good through summer 2014.)

Buy a SIRT Performer Red/GreenThe SIRT Performer R/R MSRP is $235. Your Global Outfitters SIRT Performer R/R price is only $195 with FREE United States shipping (price good through summer 2014.)

Buy a SIRT Performer Red/RedOur mission at Global Outfitters is to help you get better at your shooting and hunting skills and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. That’s why we work hard to find these great tools and pricing for you.

Just so you feel assured you are getting a great price on this product, we guarantee our price. If you can find a price listed on the internet by a SIRT reseller lower than our price and FREE shipping, we will refund you double the difference between our price and the advertised internet price. (Sorry, people selling private party products on the internet excluded.)

So, here is a great training tool that will help you get better. This is a great training tool that will help you save a ton on ammo. The SIRT Trainer is a great tool to help you feel more comfortable handling a handgun…AND we offer…

*Free Shipping

*A price guarantee…What’s left?

In one of my favorite movies of all time, the Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins tells Morgan Freeman…

“I guess it comes down to a simple choice really…either get busy living…or get busy dying.”I’ve made that type of choice with my firearms training. I am going to be busy using my SIRT Trainer this year getting much better with firearms and save my ammo for live-fire training drills. Maybe you are ready for that type of decision too?

Bill Mooney

Shooting and Small Game Editor

GlobalOutfitters.com & Global Outfitters University

P.S. Be sure to check out the Next Level Training SIRT page on our site… globaloutfitters.com

SIRT Pro Page

SIRT 110 Performer

SIRT-AR Laser Bolt

SIRT Training Magazine

SIRT Carry Case

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