How to Gobble Like A Turkey Training Video


How to Gobble Like A Turkey Training VideoA seasoned turkey hunter needs to know when and how to gobble like a turkey. In this training video Jim Martin shares two techniques to help you close the deal on that stubborn Tom.

Jim Martin and I have been hunting turkeys together since the 80’s when his father took us each spring to Hit & Miss Hunting Club in South Alabama. I have always been impressed with Jim’s turkey calling, especially his natural mouth gobble call. However, his natural call has never been loud enough to use effectively while hunting. The new gobble calls on the market have changed the game.

When I herd Jim run the Haint Gobble Call by Down & Dirty Outdoors, and drilled into the two techniques he used to produce the most realistic gobbles, I knew we needed to produce an instructional video to help train others.

Here is what we came up with:

Each Haint Gobble Call from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors is custom made and tuned in the USA. The one piece all wood construction creates the most realistic sound of the wild turkey. This call, along with practicing the techniques in the above video will help you become a better turkey hunter. Learning to run this call, and the correct situations for using this call, can and will help you close more deals in the turkey woods. Happy hunting!

From Down & Dirty Outdoors:
“Since the very first time man tried calling a turkey into gun range using turkey language, the hen’s voice no doubt has been the preferred method. But what if there was a better way to catch the proverbial “two legged mouse?”

We believe, without a doubt, we’ve built a better mouse trap with The Haint Gobble Call! Up until now the Spring was all about breeding and lovesick gobblers. But what comes first, establishing dominance or breeding? Dominance MUST be established before any breeding can occur. That’s why early in the Spring you’ll hear pockets of gobbling. Then once the breeding begins, gobblers will be spread over a large area. Why? Because dominance has been established and they give each other space. After using The Haint Gobble Call this past Spring in several states and cycles of the breeding season, we are convinced that dominance over rules the will to breed. We as turkey hunters have played the dominance card very little. Why? It’s simple. As good as all the great call builders before us no one has designed, built, and tested a gobble call that truly replicates the gobble of the wild turkey! Until now. The Haint Gobble Call will change turkey hunting as we know it forever!

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