Gun Dog Training – Place Board Drill with Sit-Heel-Here Commands


Gun Dog Training - Place Board Drill with Heel, Sit and Hers CommandsThis drill is a follow-on to the All-In-One lesson. Gun dog training place board drill with Sit-Heel-Here commands


In this video Rick Flippen works with his British Lab, Chief. This gun dog training uses the place board as the primary focus in the drill. He starts with a Heel command, then using the Sit command he gets Chief to sit on the place board. Lastly, Rick uses the Here command to get Chief to come to him from the place board.

The place board is important because it takes the legs from under Chief, and teaches him to focus in Rick. The place board emulates a water stand or loading situation with a truck or boat.

This is a progression drill using the All-In-One Drill of Heel, Sit and Here commands, with the addition of the place board. Follow-on drills will incorporate distractions to build in focus.

Rick Flippen trains dogs using Operant training techniques that focus on positive reinforcement. These lessons can be used when training a gundog or any dog as a pet. It is awesome to witness connection bond between Rick and his dogs. In many cases commands are given and acted on with simple body language. Be sure to catch all of Rick’s GO Gundog lesson on

These lessons were filmed at Chattokee Lodge in Northeast Alabama.

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