HHA Optimizer Horizon


HHA Optimizer HorizonAccuracy simplified. . . in the HHA Optimizer Horizon

There’s a new face in the landscape of long-range shooting simplicity. The HHA Optimizer Horizon was developed with simplistic, reliable target acquisition, an essential element of marksmanship for anyone, especially those of us with compromised vision! Like its cousin, the HHA Optimizer for crossbows, the Optimizer Horizon is a top-mounted rail and wheel-adjustment system. Operators install the Optimizer Horizon on the top of the rifle and then install the scope on system’s picatinny rail. Keeping your crosshairs on the target, a shooter only turns the dial to the appropriate range and squeezed the trigger.

The launch of HHA’s Optimizer Horizon means the end of hold-over and mil-dots, a longer range complication that significantly impacts accuracy and confidence in shooting, especially in hunting situations. Rotating the Optimizer Horizon’s wheel adjusts the elevation instantly. The reality is that everyone can benefit from just putting crosshairs and squeezing the trigger, especially new shooters or those with problem vision. It’s precision shooting made simple.



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