How To Execute A Controlled Burn or Prescribed Burn to Enhance Habitat – Video


Controlled or Prescribed Burn for Habitat Management

Controlled Burn or Prescribed Burn For Habitat Management

After a March morning turkey hunt in Northeast Alabama at Chattokee Lodge, I joined lodge owner, Harlan Starr on a habitat project.

Besides his role as lodge owner Harlan an elected Board Member for NWTF, and knows it takes a well planned habitat management program to develop game on any property. Working with outfitters regularly I have been amazed to see Harlan develop his cattle farm into a prime hunting operation in a few short years. His cattle farm of five years ago is very different from the hunting operation he has now. Among other things Harlan executes an annual burn program to develop habitat for deer, quail, dove and turkey. Bordered on two sides by a river and fishing lake also makes Chattokee lodge a prime destination for duck and goose hunting, along with fishing.

Join me as I witness the work and planning that goes into a controlled or prescribed burn.


Stay tuned as we go into more detail on Controlled Burns or Prescribed Burns in a a series of interviews with Harlan Starr.

Learn more about Chattokee Lodge at


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