How To Plant Chufa for Wild Turkeys Video


Farming Turkey at Leavellwood - How To Plant ChufaFarming Turkey at Leavellwood – How To Plant Chufa For Wild Turkeys – #1 of 4

Trey shows us how he farms for turkeys at Leavellwood and how to plant chufa for wild turkeys. As a sponsor for the NWTF Leavellwood is involved in the chufa program. Sponsors get to purchase 100 pounds of chufa each year at a reduced price. Chufa, “turkey ice cream” as Trey calls it, is essential in holding turkeys on your property. if you don’t plant chufa you will wonder why your turkeys are all on your neighbors property where chufa was planted.

How To Plant Chufa for Wild TurkeysTrey Montgomery, owner of Leavellwood Lodge in the Blackbelt region of west central Alabama has years of experience and knows the importance of farming for wild turkey in the off-season. He gives good reasons for planting Chufa and shares the process he goes through with his plots to manage Leavellwood for a concentration of wild turkey when season starts. This is part one in a series of videos Trey produced these for Bass Pro Shops 1 Source and Global Outfitters Outdoor University on Farming for wild turkeys.

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