Hunting Sights and Scopes For Turkey Shotguns 4/6 In A Series


Hunting Sights and Scopes For Turkey ShotgunsShotguns come with factory sights. Jim Martin and Dr. Warren Strickland discuss hunting sights and scopes for turkey shotguns.

In getting his turkey hunting shotgun ready for season Warren performs an extreme process to ready his turkey shotgun. He claims this process has helped him score a double Grand Slam in each of the two previous turkey seasons.

In this video they discuss the fact that most out of the box shotguns are a little off when defining the point-of-aim and the point-of-impact, and how the patterning process will define this.

They discuss the benefits of parrallax free red dot sights and compare this with using a scope for turkey hunting.

There are a number of other posts with videos in this series that discuss the extreme setup that Dr. Warren Strickland goes through when setting up a turkey hunting shotgun. Check out the ones we have posted so far:

Shooting a Pattern For A Turkey Hunting Shotgun Video

The Best Shotgun For Turkey Hunting – Video Review

Turkey Gun Modifications To The Mossberg 935

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