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Early Season Calling Tactics for Turkeys

Early Season Calling Tactics for Turkeys

This article on early season calling tactics for turkeys was written and contributed to Global Outfitters by Eric Janzer This article will describe tactics for early season birds that have worked for me. This is when they may still be bunched up in their wintering flocks or just beginning to break up into smaller breeding […]

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Beware the Grim Reaper

Beware the Grim Reaper

Beware the Grim Reaper by Bob Humphrey As a new products specialist I get to test out a lot of new stuff in the field, where it really matters. Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with Global Outfitters fans some of the stuff I’ve had a chance to use out in the woods this […]

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Bowhunting Practice - Importance of 3D Targets

Bowhunting Practice On 3D Targets

Bowhunting Practice On 3D Targets: Target Dots Versus Spots on a 3D Targets. The Importance of 3D targets from Dr. Warren Strickland In the earlier segment about archery practice Dr. Strickland covered the importance of not over shooting which causes muscle fatigue. In this follow-on video he discusses bowhunting practice on 3D targets versus shooting […]

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About Removing Stumps From Food Plots

About Removing Stumps From Food Plots by J. Wayne Fears Several readers wrote in, “Our hunting club has several new food plots that have small stumps in them. They measure from 8″ to 2″ in diameter. We do not have the equipment to remove the stumps so are looking for an inexpensive way to remove […]

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Winter is Snow Goose Season

Winter is Snow Season

Winter is Snow Season Winter is here and snows blanket much of the country, even as far south as Texas. They come on northern winds and cover the open fields with a blanket of white. But the snows I’m referring to aren’t the kind you shovel. They’re the kind you shoot – snow geese. Snow […]

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Staying Warm In The Field

Staying Warm and Comfortable Afield

Staying Warm and Comfortable Afield with Bob Humphrey Cold weather is here and there is a direct correlation between comfort and success in the field. It only makes sense; the longer you’re out there, the greater the odds that you and your intended quarry will cross paths. Many things factor into what keeps you in […]

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Survival Priorities When Lost

Survival Priorities When Lost Video

Survival Priorities When Lost J. Wayne Fears discusses the survival priorities when lost. In this video he discussed the emphasis on food and the skill sets needed to find food when lost. While these skills are taught at most survival schools your time would be better spent doing the things needed to get found. Learn […]

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