Katadyn Hiker Pro Portable Water Filter


Katadyn Hiker Pro Portable Water FilterOutside enjoying your next memory to last a lifetime can change to the dark side without clean water to drink. The solution could be a small, lightweight and highly reliable portable water filter. As a durable and reliable pump filter, the Katadyn Hiker Pro effectively eliminates bacteria, protozoa, and cysts but not viruses. It uses an AntiClog pleated cartridge made of glass fiber that includes activated carbon granules. One detail of note is that a simplistic standard for comparing water filters is measuring pore size. Typically, a pore size of 0.2 microns or under is the ideal size for capturing the smallest bacteria. The smaller the pore size the more harmful organisms are strained out of the water. This filter measures at 0.3 microns, though it is still approved for eliminating bacteria from water.

Hiker Pro will filter 1 Liter of water in approx 1min 35 sec.

This filter is good for 750 liters before needing a replacement cartridge ($39-49). I have owned one of these for many years and for me its weight, size, and function are perfect for long treks into the wilderness. It effectively filters water and I have never had an issue with the water I drink straight from rivers or even stagnant water holes. The filter is also very easy to clean and store between trips. At just over 12 ounces including the storage case and hoses, this filter is average in weight. Not too heavy, but not ultra-light either.

Dimensions of the unit alone are 3in x 6.5in x 2.4in. The dispense cap fits perfectly on every water bottle I have carried, even Gatorade bottles. The float device keeps the intake out of the bottom where all the sediment is keeping it from clogging. When it gets hard to pump, simply use a cloth to wipe the sediment off the intake. Priced around $85.00 it’s more expensive than some, less expensive than some others including UV treatment.

This company has a long and solid history and continues to build excellent and reliable water filters. Buy one soon!

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