Lessons on Gundog Training with Rick Flippen


Gundog Lessons using Operant Methods and Positive ReinforcementIn this interview we discuss the upcoming lessons on gundog training with Rick Flippen using Operant training and positive reinforcement.

Rick Flippen and his dog Chief help you understand best lessons and practices for training a gundog. Rick and Chief will focus on Operant training methods using positive reinforcement. Rick will discuss the lessons in the upcoming weeks.

These videos were shot at Chattokee Lodge in Northeast Alabama with the assistance of Robert Milner’s DuckHill Kennels in Tennessee and the British gundog breeder and trainer from the UK, Tibia Gundogs.

About Robert Milner: From the Duckhill Kennels website: 2007 – I established Duckhill Kennels to breed better dogs for gundog work, scent detection work, and disaster search work. I am using almost exclusively British Labradors for these functions because of the great hunting initiative and trainability of British Labradors. I also established and designed DuckHill to serve as a laboratory in which to develop and improve the training processes for the above three functions . A primary goal of this training exploration is to remove as much force as possible from the training process and replace it with operant conditioning/positive reinforcement training techniques.

As I develop these gentle training techniques and protocols, I will post them on the Duckhill website in written and video formats. My goal is to develop a simplified, gentle training process which will be easy for the typical hunter to apply to his dog and produce a well trained, effective gundog.

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