Learn to Make The Cut of a Turkey on a Slate Call – Video


Learn to make the cust of a turkey on a box callFirst In a Series: Learn To Make The Cut of a Turkey On A Slate Call or Pot Call

This is a great video to watch if you want to make the cut of a turkey on a slate call or slate call. Jim Martin of Global Outfitters Outdoor University and Bass Pro Shops 1 Source, brings you a series of instructional videos to improve your turkey calling skills.

In this video Jim used a Zebra Wood Slate call made by Bradley Custom Calls.

He discussed the value of acoustics and the importance of keeping them uncovered to amplify the volume needed for cutting.

Learn to prepare your surface and the tip of your striker with a scratch pad prior to using the call.

Once ready Jim will show you how to hold the pot and striker, then to start by making a basic cluck. When this is mastered you will work on the rhythm of a turkey making a cut. This is a great video to perfect the proper technique for this call.



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