BIG BORE (Standard & Obsolete) – Bullet Poster


The Big Bore – Standard & Obsolete poster is full color – 36″ wide and 24″ tall. It provides images of over 215 rifle cartridges – all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). These include Standard, Historic, and Military rifle cartridges side by side. This poster is a must have for any collector or big bore enthusiast.


Product Description


The cartridges progress (relatively) from smallest caliber and smallest case capacity to the largest. These progress from the 400 caliber up to the 700 Nitro Express.

The poster also includes historically significant cartridges like the 12 Gauge Paradox, 4 Bore, 1″ Nordenfelt, 50 BAT Spotter, 50 BMG, .5 Vickers, 12.7x 108 Russian, 20mm, 25mm 30mm and more.

Shipping: Posters are packaged in mailing tubes. Multiple poster orders will be combined into a single mailing tube with reduced shipping costs. Packages are insured. If you receive a damaged tube please Refuse Delivery. The package will be returned and a replacement poster will be issued.


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