Black Rifle – Cartridge Comparison Guide


The Black Rifle Cartridge Comparison Guide is the third book in the series of Cartridge Comparison Guide ballistics manuals. However, the Black Rifle CCG is written specifically for Modern Sporting Rifle and Semi Automatic Rifle users. The data tables compare every standardized rifle and handgun cartridges from 17 to 50 caliber. It also provides data tables for 20 gauge, 16 and 12 gauge shotgun cartridges. Further benefit is provided to the reader by integrating shotgun slug information in with the center fire rifle data tables.

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True to the nature of the Cartridge Comparison Guide series, the back bone of the Black Rifle CCG is made up of of our signature data tables. But to the great advantage to our specific audience, these data tables consider not only factory available ammunition, but also the availability of Black Rifle/MSR platforms. Thus showing the versatility of the rifle, shotgun and handgun ammunition that can be fired as well as the standard (or factory available) MSR/Black Rifle platforms, uppers as well as the semi-custom uppers and semi custom barrels. Furthermore, at the beginning of the data tables, this Guide offers a summary table illustrating each rifle cartridge presented and whether it can be fired from a factory available MSR platform, a semi-custom platform or upper as well as a semi-custom barrel. This table provides contact information for the businesses that can provide these semi custom platforms, uppers and barrels.

The Black Rifle CCG provides an excellent introduction section helping the user to not only understand how to use the Guide, but also what consideration to make about their shooting environment, their purpose in choosing an MSR or Black Rifle and the applications for it. After the data tables the discussion sections help the readers understand bullet construction and bullet selection, bullet expansion, wound channel generation and how to choose the right bullet for any given application.

The Black Rifle Cartridge Comparison Guide offers several unique benefits that set it apart from any other ballistic manual offered in the industry today. It fills an important niche in our modern shooting industry and fits very nicely in the family of books offered in the Cartridge Comparison Guide series.


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