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Single’estrus – Bulk Whitetail Deer Lure


SINGLE’estrus – one single doe estrus per bladder

Infused with glands from real deer, our Premium Estrus urine is collected from a single adult doe in Rut with our exclusive blend of Pre-Orbital glands and the perfect blend of other glands from adult Rutting deer to give you the hottest attraction available. By adding Glands to our Premium Estrus we are sealing the deal with that mature buck. Also greatly helps to mask your scent. Use in combination with Whitetail Bladder Early Season Scrape Line.

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How to use

Soak Scent drag to make scent trail on the way to your stand. Arriving at your stand check wind, if you have a north wind find a smaller tree with low hanging branches 20 yards to the west and 20 yards to the east of your stand. Under branches of both trees scratch up 3′ area with your boots and pour 4 ounces in dirt. Hang a paper towel on branches and saturate with scent. By working a scrape a doe is telling adult bucks in the area that she is in peak heat or will be soon. Whitetail Bladder recommends to use their Early Season Scrape Line in combination with Single’estrus.

Did you know
A deer will urinate 6-8 ounces per time. For maximum success we recommend using 8 ounces per hunt.

Why Whitetail Bladder Single’estrus

  • 128 ounce or 64 ounce (Sterile I.V. bag) dispensing unit with 4 (4 ounce) refillable bottles
  • Lures shipped directly from farm to hunter guaranteeing you the freshest product available
  • State of the art stainless steel collection facility – voted #1 by many industry experts
  • $1.32 per ounce for Premium Estrus with glands verses average $6.00 per ounce for Premium estrus
  • Lure is collected straight from deer to bladder – airless collection facility – ammonia free
  • Single deer to bladder – guaranteeing your scent is from only one deer
  • Share with your friends – sell extra lure an make extra cash

Single’estrus is not available to ship until October 7th to insure that you receive the freshest product available. Purchase now to reserve your shipment!

Check out Early Season Scrape Line

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