Shooting The Crossing Target – Easy With Follow Through


Shooting The Crossing Target Easy With Follow ThroughTerry Hetrick and Chris Reed Shooting The Crossing Target – Easy With Follow Through

Another instructional video from GO Shooting with Terry Hetrick working with History Channels’ Top Shot winner, Chris Reed. In this lesson from the Nashville Gun Club they are working on shooting the crossing target. This target shows up in skeet, sporting clays and wing shooting of all types.

Terry works with Chris on how to finish the shot. He uses analogies of taking a movie and how you must stay with your subject as you follow through.  Then Terry goes out-of-box and uses a golf club and a lesson from his golf pro to show Chris what he means by following through. As with hitting a golf ball you need club speed. But, the way to get club speed at the point of impact is to think follow through. Terry places his golf ball and then sticks a tee in the ground six inches in front of the ball. To get the ultimate club head speed and follow through, focus on the tee and hit through the ball in the process.

This is a good exercise to help you understand proper follow through when shooting the crossing target.

You can learn more about Terry Hetrick’s Shooting School, Chris Reed and the Nashville Gun Club by following these links.

We have more videos from Terry Hetrick and Chris Reed in upcoming post.

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