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.22 Magnum Ammunition Choose Wisely

.22 Magnum Ammunition – Choose Wisely

.22 Magnum Ammunition – Richard Mann shows how to choose wisely A lot of hunters don’t realize that the terminal performance of .22 Magnum ammunition varies greatly from load to load. Maybe even more so than ammunition for most big game cartridges. The key to employing the .22 Magnum successfully is selecting ammunition best suited […]

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The .223 Remington

The .223 Remington

The .223 Remington An experienced gun writer once asked me what I thought was the best hunting bullet. I responded that it was, without question, the .224 caliber, 60 grain Nosler Partition. He gave me a dumbfounded look and I continued, explaining that it is an engineering marvel to create a partitioned bullet that small […]

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