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Gun Dog Training - Place Board Drill with Heel, Sit and Hers Commands

Gun Dog Training – Place Board Drill with Sit-Heel-Here Commands

This drill is a follow-on to the All-In-One lesson. Gun dog training place board drill with Sit-Heel-Here commands   In this video Rick Flippen works with his British Lab, Chief. This gun dog training uses the place board as the primary focus in the drill. He starts with a Heel command, then using the Sit command […]

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All In One Drill For Gundogs

All In One Drill For Training Gundogs Video

All in one drill for training gundogs: Rick Flippen and his British Lab Chief perform basic gun dog training. This All In One Drill for training gundogs focuses on Operant training techniques using positive reinforcement. This ties the obedience drills for HEEL, SIT and HERE into one drill. Join Rick as he sets up along […]

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