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Habitat Improvement 101 for the Bowhunter

Habitat Improvement 101 for the Bowhunter

Lessons on habitat improvement 101 for the Bowhunter by Brian Halbleib The sun began to drop below the tree line, triggering an explosion of crimson, salmon and cantaloupe hues across the clear, sapphire sky. The shadows continued to grow longer across the bright green field to the west of my stand location. Cereal grains in […]

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Practice techniques for bow hunters

Archery Practice For Bowhunting 101: Dr. Warren Strickland – Video

Archery Practice For Bowhunting 101: Techniques from Dr. Warren Strickland Dr. Warren Strickland explains his techniques for archery practice, whether preparing for archery competition or bow hunting. One of the most common occurrences when practicing archery is the issue of quality versus quantity. Many use as many as a dozen arrow when practicing. Warren discusses […]

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