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Halibut Enchiladas Recipe

Halibut Enchiladas Recipe Video

Halibut Enchiladas Recipe This Halibut Enchiladas recipe comes from Port Lions Lodge on Kodiak Island in Alasksa from  – Patti & James Stegall. INGREDIENTS 8 to 12 soft flour tortillas 4 cups cooked Halibut meat 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 1 package taco seasoning water accord g to package directions 1 15 oz can enchilada […]

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Grilled Bass Cakes Recipe

Grilled Bass Cakes Recipe Video

Chef Bubba Conner shows you a great grilled bass cakes recipe made just like you would crab cakes   Marinate 1 lb Bass fillets in oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and grill it on your indoor or outdoor grill. Once the fish is cooked we will proceed just like crab cakes. Combine the following ingredients […]

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Simple Smoked Wild Pork Shoulder

A recipe for simple smoked wild pork shoulder Many of you, especially us northerners trapped in a cold winter, head south to hunt wild boar in milder temperatures after all of our hunting seasons have closed. I hope those of you who do make every effort to bring back all that delicious, organic pork. Even […]

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