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Keep Records to Manage Habitat properly

Keep Records to Manage Habitat Properly – With Video

Keep Records to Manage Habitat Properly by J. Wayne Fears “We plant food plots, but still don’t have big bucks on our property,” is a statement wildlife biologists hear often. Far too many property owners, and hunting clubs who lease land, think that just planting food plots is all there is to having big bucks. […]

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Durana White Clover For a Permanent Food Plot

Learn how to use Durana White Clover For a Permanent Food Plot Research done for establishing a long term perennial food plots recommend that Durana clover be considered as the crop to plant due to its shade tolerance, wide adaptability to weather extremes, low maintenance, high protein content (up to 28%) and long life, 7 […]

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Restoring Old Apple Tree

Restoring Old Apple Tree

Tips on restoring old Apple Trees by J. Wayne Fears Many of the better hunting properties available today were once farms. Often the area around the old farmstead is grown up, almost a jungle, and the fields and old pastures are in planted pine or CRP grass. Unless the old farm house is good enough […]

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Rhinos and Mulies

Rhinos and Mulies – Hunting Mule Deer in New Mexico

Bob Humphrey Hunting Mule Deer in New Mexico from ATVs and Rhino Side x Side Success, it is said, is where opportunity meets preparation. The preparation part means being ready mentally, physically and mechanically. You practice with your firearm to become familiar with it, and ensure it and you will be ready if and when […]

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Deer Scents - Different types of Deer Urine

Different Types of Deer Urine – Estrus & Buck Glands – Video

I recently ask Elam Lapp to explain the different types of whitetail urine use by deer hunters. Elam and his brother Ivan manage a urine collection facility voted number one by industry peers. In addition to supplying numerous lure suppliers, they have established two new Whitetail Bladder products of bulk lure for deer hunters. Per […]

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