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Top Flies for King Salmon

Top Flies for King Salmon

Top Flies for King Salmon: A handful of proven flies is all you need to connect with king salmon! In Alaska’s Goodnews River, king salmon typically rest in seam water that’s six to eight feet deep. There’s always a strong current. If you want to catch one with a fly rod you usually need a […]

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Best Fly to Use for Dolly Varden

The Best Fly to Use for Dolly Varden

John Kumiski shares his experience to help you know the best fly to use for Dolly Varden Dolly Varden are the Pacific northwest’s version of the eastern brook trout. Taxonomically both are in the genus Salvelinus. They look alike. They even feel alike. And like brook trout, Dollies lack fine discrimination skills and will strike […]

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