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Gundog Lessons using Operant Methods and Positive Reinforcement

Lessons on Gundog Training with Rick Flippen

In this interview we discuss the upcoming lessons on gundog training with Rick Flippen using Operant training and positive reinforcement. Rick Flippen and his dog Chief help you understand best lessons and practices for training a gundog. Rick and Chief will focus on Operant training methods using positive reinforcement. Rick will discuss the lessons in […]

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Shooting The Crossing Target Easy With Follow Through

Shooting The Crossing Target – Easy With Follow Through

Terry Hetrick and Chris Reed Shooting The Crossing Target – Easy With Follow Through Another instructional video from GO Shooting with Terry Hetrick working with History Channels’ Top Shot winner, Chris Reed. In this lesson from the Nashville Gun Club they are working on shooting the crossing target. This target shows up in skeet, sporting […]

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Foundation Lessons For 14 Week Old Gunddogs Using Operant Training

Foundation Training For Gundogs Using Operant Conditioning – Video

Beginning Foundation Training For Gundogs Using Operant Conditioning with a 14 Week Old Lab Foundation lessons for gundog training is the subject for a series of videos from GO Outdoor University. Rick Flippen starts foundation training with Jack, a 14 week old Labrador Retriever. Rick’s Operant Conditioning techniques are similar to those used at Sea World. […]

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Lesson on The Heel Comand for Gun Dogs

Heel Command Drill For Gundogs – Video

How to teach your the heel command drill for gundogs: All dog owners should practice the heel command drill for gundogs and pet dogs. Global Outfitters Outdoor University and Bass Pro Shops One Source brings you another lesson in gun dog training. Rick Flippen and his British Lab Chief use Operant training techniques focusing on […]

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