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Chufa on Wild Turkey Habitat

Chufa on Wild Turkey Habitat – Video

The start in a series on Chufa on Wild Turkey Habitat Every serious turkey hunter should know the affect of chufa on wild turkey habitat. Some call it turkey gold and some turkey candy. All I know is turkeys will hike miles through clover and corn to reach a chufa plot. If you are trying […]

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Controlled or Prescribed Burn for Habitat Management

How To Execute A Controlled Burn or Prescribed Burn to Enhance Habitat – Video

Controlled Burn or Prescribed Burn For Habitat Management After a March morning turkey hunt in Northeast Alabama at Chattokee Lodge, I joined lodge owner, Harlan Starr on a habitat project. Besides his role as lodge owner Harlan an elected Board Member for NWTF, and knows it takes a well planned habitat management program to develop […]

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