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Selecting A Youth Rifle Mossberg's 100 ATR Super Bantam

Selecting A Youth Rifle With Video

Help in Selecting A Youth Rifle by Bob Humphrey There are many rewarding aspects to being a parent but one of the biggest for me was being able to introduce my kids to hunting. They started, like most kids, plinking with .22s, then graduated, first to a .410, then to a 20 gauge shotgun. When […]

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.22 Magnum Ammunition Choose Wisely

.22 Magnum Ammunition – Choose Wisely

.22 Magnum Ammunition – Richard Mann shows how to choose wisely A lot of hunters don’t realize that the terminal performance of .22 Magnum ammunition varies greatly from load to load. Maybe even more so than ammunition for most big game cartridges. The key to employing the .22 Magnum successfully is selecting ammunition best suited […]

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Getting Your Rifle Ready for the Hunt-1

Getting Your Rifle Ready for the Hunt

Tips on getting your rifle ready for the hunt by Bob Humphrey I’m not a gunsmith nor do I play one on television. When I need some serious smithing done I take my guns to a professional. So I don’t need a full complement of gun shop tools. But I do handle some of the […]

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