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Durana White Clover For a Permanent Food Plot

Learn how to use Durana White Clover For a Permanent Food Plot Research done for establishing a long term perennial food plots recommend that Durana clover be considered as the crop to plant due to its shade tolerance, wide adaptability to weather extremes, low maintenance, high protein content (up to 28%) and long life, 7 […]

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Hunting Turkey - What is in your turkey vest.

Hunting Turkeys – What Is In Your Turkey Vest Video?

Famed turkey caller and hunter, Jim Martin, has a discussion with guide, Steve Long, about what is in your turkey vest?   The SportingDealNews.com and GlobalOutfiotters.com turkey hunting team went to Great Southern Outdoors on the way to a turkey hunt and documented this video — what is in your turkey vest? They talk about […]

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The Fine Line of Ethics - Turkey Hunting

The Fine Line of Ethics For Turkey Hunting

Fine Line of Ethics for Turkey Hunting by Bob Humphrey Ethics is defined by what we do when nobody’s looking. We should all follow the letter of the game laws, but ethics transcend what’s written in the lawbooks. As ethical, responsible sportsmen, certain behaviors are expected of us. We need to follow the written as […]

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Cutting Of A Real Hen Turkey On A Slate Pot and Mouth Call

Cut Like This Hen Turkey on a Slat Pot and Mouth Call

Hen Talk – Cut Like This Hen Turkey on a Slat Pot and Mouth Call: Improve on your turkey hunting skills by learning to cut like the real hen turkey in this video. Jim Martin shows you how to emulate the cutting hen turkey with a slate surfaced pot call, and then on a mouth […]

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Turkey Fan Wall Hanging

Turkey Fan and Wings Wall Hanging Made Easy – Video

How to Make a large Turkey Fan and Wings Wall  Hanging Made Easy Make a turkey fan wall hanging using 8 Turkey fans and 1 set of turkey wings is a very easy process if you follow these simple directions. Start with your wings. Put borax on the meat area and spread each wing out […]

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Wild Turket Recipe using Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces and Minute Rece

Wild Turkey Recipe Video

Cooking Wild Turkey Recipe – How To Use The Entire Bird: Let me share a quick Wild Turkey recipe using the drumsticks and thighs of an Eastern Wild Turkey taken last season. I am cooking this recipe in camp and want to prepare the entire meal in less than an hour. This recipe allows just […]

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