The Best Shotgun For Turkey Hunting – Video Review


Mossberg 935 Turkey ShotgunAs turkey season approaches some of you are trying to figure out the best shotgun for turkey hunting. In my opinion this was done by an expert panel we assembled to define the ultimate turkey hunting setup. Our team of experts did research at the Shot Show, Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show and NWTF show to see what was on the market. We pretty much settled on the Mossberg 935, and then met before turkey season to have a round table discussion that was captured in the video below.

I wanted to review this round table discussion again before we get too far into a series of videos we later filmed on how to modify, setup and pattern a turkey hunting shotgun.

Let me what you think about this Mossberg 12 Gauge 935 Magnum Pistol Grip Turkey Shotgun with 22″ Barrel as best turkey hunting shotgun.

Our expert panel included Turkey Country Editors J. Wayne Fears and John Howle, along with NWTF BOD member and Chattokee Lodge owner, Harlan Starr, and Mike Goodman of Goodman Ranch.

Turkey calling expert, Jim Martin, world famous hunter, Dr. Warren Strickland, and myself were also involved in the project of selecting the 935 as part of the “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”.

After you watch this video take a look at the series we have covering modification, barrels, chokes, optics, ammo and the patterning process to get5 your gun ready for turkey season.

Turkey Gun Modifications Using The Mossberg 935 – Video

Turkeys are way too hard to harvest, so make sure your gun is setup properly giving you the best chance for a successful hunt.,,, and


Happy Hunting!

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