The Elephant in the Room When Talking About the Best 9 mm Pistol!


The Elephant in the Room When Talking About the Best 9 mm Pistol!That elephant in the room is a focus only the best trainers and coaches guide you through during your decision making process to find best 9 mm pistol!

We’ve all read a ton of articles and watched hours of YouTube videos about different handguns and ammunition. If you are thoroughly confused and overwhelmed about which pistol and ammunition to choose for concealed carry and self-defense, welcome to the club.

Below I’ll share a story with you about the decision-making process I went through with my own personal handguns. I believe there is an elephant in the room that few talk about when it comes to choosing a handgun and ammunition.

That elephant in the room is a focus only the best trainers and coaches guide you through during your decision making process. Great trainers and coaches guide and advise you towards the best choice in handguns and ammunition that is important for you and only you. Your decision making process shouldn’t include what your friend says is the best handgun. Don’t rely on what your friend’s husband says is the best ammunition because he is an “expert”, unless he is a trained expert of course. By no means should you let a salesman convince you what the best 9mm handgun is because it is a great deal and they have it in stock today. Choosing the best handgun and ammunition for you and your individual needs is too important to take lightly.

Some of the factors that go into your decision making process are very personal. Your hand size is different than mine. Your hand, arm, and body strength is different than the next person. Your concealment needs might be different than mine or that salesman too.

A Mistake I Made EarlyMy first handgun was a beautiful brushed metal Smith & Wesson 1911 in .45 Auto. This was an awesome piece of equipment. It was very accurate and easy to shoot.

I say “was” a beautiful piece of equipment. Yes, I sold it.

Why did I sell it?

Simple. My wife was terrified of it. She didn’t want anything to do with that firearm.

I didn’t sell it because she didn’t like it, I sold it because she couldn’t work the slide if her life depended on it. Isn’t that the reason for having a finely tuned tool like a handgun?

If your life depends on it?

She was fairly new to firearms but was interested in learning more and wanted to become proficient handling a handgun. So, my awesome 45 had to go and we needed to get a firearm she could handle and that would work for me too.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why didn’t you just keep it and get something else?”

My mistake was that I didn’t evaluate all of my needs before I got this pistol. I loved the look and feel of this 1911. I was focused on the deal I was getting, not the functionality of the firearm for me and my family.

When it came down to it, we needed something that my wife could and would use effectively. We also wanted more concealment options as well. A heavy 1911 chambered in 45 Auto wasn’t necessarily the best option for concealment.

As ammunition gets harder and harder to obtain, we decided to stick with one handgun round for all of our handguns. It’s a personal choice for us. Some people have differing opinions and that’s ok. We wanted to keep things very simple when it came to ammo and our pistols.

The 9mm Ammunition and Pistol OptionIn this article, I am focusing primarily on the 9 mm pistol and ammunition option. Not that it is the best or only option, but it is probably the most popular option worldwide. For you 40 caliber and 45 caliber purists, relax and grab your deodorant. We will get to your “perfect” calibers at a later date. This article is about the “best handgun” for you with a focus on “9 mm” ammo.

After taking some time to evaluate our options and firing several handguns with differing ammunition calibers, we decided the 9 mm option was best for us and our budget as well. We also purchased a couple of nice semi-automatic handguns that are simple to operate and are very reliable. We have two sizes so it addresses our concealment concerns as well as our capacity concerns as well.

The 9mm round has been around for a long time. It was developed and refined in the early 1900’s and is the probably the most popular handgun round in the world today…or at least it was in 2006 according to “Cartridges of the World” publication.

Some experts say this is probably the smallest round to consider for self defense. I can see the logic behind that but considering a 22 round certainly could do damage to a body, any round is potentially lethal.

We took into consideration many things when we decided on this round. Factors such as the recoil affect of the round and handgun. The capacity most of the handguns can carry with certain calibers. The cost and availability of the rounds was also a factor in our decision process.

I know I am opening up myself to criticism from the purists out there, but this is about my personal needs and evaluation.

Ironically, I have recently considered changing our strategy with calibers. More on that decision making process later.

My suggestion to you is to find a very well trained firearms expert in your area and sit down with them to discuss your needs and budget before investing a lot of money in a handgun and ammunition that won’t be the best for you or your family.

Be sure to check out our other articles on other ammo options as well. You and you alone can determine which the best handgun is for you!

Until next time, get out there and shoot and train often!

Email: Bill Mooney

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