An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!


An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!

I find it curious, if not aggravating when I hear a lot of noise how evil guns are when a firearm is used during a heinous crime. It seems like it is part of the required news reporting.
What about other crimes and accidents?

Just last week we heard of the tragic stabbings at the high school in Pennsylvania but no talk about the weapon used. The media pundits spoke about the alleged criminal and how he must have had some mental problems. He was a social outcast. But they didn’t talk knives that much. When a gun is involved, watch out.

There are some very interesting trends happening in Chicago as of late. Are these trends or just an anomaly?

On April Fools Day, April, 1st, the Chicago police department reported city of Chicago’s murder total hit the lowest number since 1958 during the first quarter on 2014. That’s an amazing statistic especially since the city has been an absolute war zone the last several years. Think about that…1958! That’s a long standing record. A terrible record to talk about, but a record nonetheless.

The President in 1958 was Dwight Eisenhower. Elvis was inducted into the Army that year. Alaska becomes a state…the average cost of a gallon of gas was .25 cents, and the average house price in America was $12,750.

A lot has changed since 1958 and finally the murder rate in Chicago is lower than it was since then. That means it was getting worse each quarter since 1958!

What has changed? Have the politician leading this city changed? Not really. Has the economy gotten better? Nope.

Well, the one obvious thing that has changed that could affect the murder rate is the implementation of the new Illinois Concealed Carry Law January 2014.

The Chicago Police Department also reported there were 90 fewer shootings and 119 fewer shooting victims compared to the first quarter 2012. All crime is down 25 percent from 2013.

Could these statistics be coincidental? I don’t think we will know for a few more quarters, but early indications tell us that it’s possible the new concealed carry laws are helping reduce crime. Granted, the first permits were issued in late February, but it’s interesting to watch the trend this year.

We do know that the media will be the last to acknowledge concealed carry does reduce crime.

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