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Bowhunting Practice - Importance of 3D Targets

Bowhunting Practice On 3D Targets

Bowhunting Practice On 3D Targets: Target Dots Versus Spots on a 3D Targets. The Importance of 3D targets from Dr. Warren Strickland In the earlier segment about archery practice Dr. Strickland covered the importance of not over shooting which causes muscle fatigue. In this follow-on video he discusses bowhunting practice on 3D targets versus shooting […]

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Survival Priorities When Lost

Survival Priorities When Lost Video

Survival Priorities When Lost J. Wayne Fears discusses the survival priorities when lost. In this video he discussed the emphasis on food and the skill sets needed to find food when lost. While these skills are taught at most survival schools your time would be better spent doing the things needed to get found. Learn […]

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Archery and Bowhunting Equipment by Dr. Warren Strickland

Archery and Bowhunting Equipment – Video

Archery and Bowhunting Equipment by Dr. Warren Strickland Dr. Warren Strickland reviews the essential types of archery and bowhunting equipment he uses in his setup. Dr. Strickland teaches you how to select the perfect bow and bowhunting equipment. Dr. Warren Strickland is one of North America’s most famous hunters. Warren has harvested every major game […]

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All In One Drill For Gundogs

All In One Drill For Training Gundogs Video

All in one drill for training gundogs: Rick Flippen and his British Lab Chief perform basic gun dog training. This All In One Drill for training gundogs focuses on Operant training techniques using positive reinforcement. This ties the obedience drills for HEEL, SIT and HERE into one drill. Join Rick as he sets up along […]

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Grilled Bass Cakes Recipe

Grilled Bass Cakes Recipe Video

Chef Bubba Conner shows you a great grilled bass cakes recipe made just like you would crab cakes   Marinate 1 lb Bass fillets in oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and grill it on your indoor or outdoor grill. Once the fish is cooked we will proceed just like crab cakes. Combine the following ingredients […]

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Shooting Instructions For The Springing Teal Target Video

In this instructional video from GO Shooting Terry Hetrick works with History Channels’ Top Shot winner, Chris Reed, to explain shooting instructions for the springing teal target. We went to the Nashville Gun Club where Hall of Fame shooting instructor, Terry Hetrick, helps competitor, Chris Reed, prepare for Field & Stream’s Total Outdoorsman competition. In […]

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Fig Stuffed Specklebelly Goose Breast Recipe

Fig Stuffed Specklebelly Goose Breast Recipe – Video

  Video and Recipe: This Fig Stuffed Specklebelly Goose Breast Recipe with squash and brown rice recipe was supplied by BMW Hunting in Biggers Arkansas, while Global Outfitters was on an Arkansas Waterfowling expedition for Bass Pro Shops 1Source. Enjoy! This Goose recipe stuffed with fig, cream cheese and pecans can be fancied up for […]

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