Hunting Turkeys – What Is In Your Turkey Vest Video?


Hunting Turkey - What is in your turkey vest.Famed turkey caller and hunter, Jim Martin, has a discussion with guide, Steve Long, about what is in your turkey vest?


The and turkey hunting team went to Great Southern Outdoors on the way to a turkey hunt and documented this video — what is in your turkey vest?

They talk about the items they take into the woods turkey hunting like box calls, mouth calls, slat calls, bug spray, owl calls, and their turkey wing and how the use it.

The hunt included Sam Hall, Jim Martin and guide Steve Long. Steve’s company and this video was the only positive experience that came from the trip to Great Southern Outdoors.

Jim and I were on our way to turkey hunt in the Florida panhandle at Lilly Pad Ranch. We stopped off at Great Southern Outdoors to work on a website we were doing for owner Rex Pritchett.

Rex came in at diner and invited Jim and I to turkey hunt at GSO. He called Steve Long, his turkey hunting guide, who also hosted a regional radio show that Jim and I had done when we went through Montgomery the night before.

Even though we did not get a turkey, the video spot we did with Steve, along with the entire hunting experience was awesome.  We were very excited that Rex had come in with the unexpected invite to hunt with his number one guide. However, when we got home Rex had his office manager Ginger hit us with a $5400 bill. Too bad! Still mad!

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